Migrate your Original OEM installation to a (SSD) Disk with less capacity without los of recovery partition and License key!

As IT-technician you probably had the request to upgrade a computer to an SSD disk.
Due to the high cost/GB, customers sometimes decide to buy a smaller sized disk.
You can allways install a clean OS installation (from cd) but this can be a hassle with the license. A lot of hardware vendors provide a recovery tool to keep this running, you need to preserve the disk layout/ recovery partition

With these steps I managed to migrate from a 1TB disk to a 256GB disk (New installation, no user data) Lenovo Z70
They use cyberlink onekey recovery tools

1: Backup the orginal machine to an external device (to make sure)
You can use the tool provided by the vendor or your favourite backup application

2: Go to disk management and check the layout of the original Disk
Write down all the partitions

3: Remove the Disk from the machine

4: Connect both disks to another machine
Why did I do this? I used Macrium reflect free to clone the partitions
Of course I did not cloned the OS partition. I have cloned the partions in front of the os partition.
Calculated the size and created the OS partition with diskpart.
As a last step, I have cloned the recovery partitions.

5: As result you now have a partitioned disk with all the data to recover your laptop. The OS is not installed. This partition is still empty.

6: install the SSD disk in the machine

7: Boot the machine in recovery mode. On the lenovo Z70 it is small button on the side of the machine.
The software will find the recovery partition and you will be able to restore the OS to the OS partition.

Good luck!

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